And so it begins

Gymnastics has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. I was a gymnast until I was 15 and then turned coach. I loved coaching gymnastics far more than I loved doing it myself. I left the world of gymnastics for my other passion- helping students and faculty discover a relationship with Christ. But I think after 10 years I still miss gymnastics as much as the day I walked out the door. Facebook has allowed me to stay connected to my former gymnasts… watching them grow up is such a joy. The internet lets me obsessively view start values, look at team line ups, and stay connected to elite gymnastics.

I dont have many people in my life currently who love gymnastics. I get to sit and listen for hours about football. So when I was waiting for the World Team announcement this last week, reading so many blogs and tweeting with others who love gymnastics was so refreshing. So I  decided to jump in to the conversation by starting my own blog. I have never wanted to blog… so we will see where this takes me!

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