Anna Li out, Sabrina Vega in. Now who is up for what event?

USA Gymnastics and Universal Sports reported that Anna Li will be the alternate on the World Team. She had been fighting and abdomen injury throughout the training camp, and though she tried resting it on the first day of training in Tokyo, it just wasn’t responding. This makes me wonder how his will affect who will be used for what events.

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Sabrina Vega is definitely more consistent and a higher scorer on beam and floor than Gabrielle Douglas. It would seem to make more sense to use Sabrina on these events. (Though she did fall yesterday during her routine in podium training). Does this mean Gabby won’t be able to compete in the all around during prelims as it was looking like she would? Some were even speculating that she might grab that second spot in the all around finals if she hit everything. I am a bit sad that she might not have the chance, but know that when it comes to team line ups, we can’t be sentimental. 

And will Sabrina compete bars in TEAM FINALS?!? She has a higher start value (5.9) than McKayla (5.4) or Aly (5.4-5.7), but scored very low at championships. Her podium training is looking good, but what a crazy thought! Right now, I am wishing Shawn was there. She seems a better replacement for bars… 

That being said, even with Li out and Vega in, numerically calculating any which way (averages of this years scores, high scores, low scores) the US is still the team to beat.  And they look it during podium training. Even Sabrina on bars.

Watch more video of World Gymnastics Championships Tokyo 2011 on

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