Who’s Who in 2012 – Shawn Johnson

I am starting a series highlighting Who’s Who in 2012. A short piece on each gymnast I think is a contender for the Olympic team. First up, Shawn Johnson.

Shawn is one of my all time favorite gymnasts. Who doesn’t love her bubbly personality, beaming smile and fierce determination. I was so excited to see her training again. I have been very impressed with the amount of progress she has shown throughout the 2011 year, especially in light of how far she had to come back. I was really hopeful before the season started, but now I will go out on a limb and say I am a believer. I think Shawn has the talent and the drive to get herself back into world class competition. I am really hoping she will make it!

Here’s a video highlighting her training and comeback hopes.

Here are all the routines from the 2011 season with voiceover interviews from various interviews throughout the season. (If this one is too long for you, skip to the next one).

Last but not least, here is a shortened version with her routines as they progressed throughout the season.

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