Who’s Who in 2012: McKayla Maroney

Just tuning back in to gymnastics? I am continuing a series introducing the current USA Olympic contenders.

McKayla Maroney is currently the best vaulter in the world. Though the USA has many gymnasts now doing the infamous amanar, NO ONE in the world does it like she does. Perfect form. Unmatched height. Catlike, dead center landings. It is magical watching her do that vault. McKayla also has a beautifully choreographed, graceful floor routine- with the potential for LOADS of difficulty. However, she has to get her landings under control. Her beam and bars are just ok. She looks like she has the body build to be great on both. But they are currently not events the USA would want to use her on in team finals.

McKayla is a confident, dynamic and beautiful girl. She is fun to watch and shows so much potential. However, with Gabby, Aly and Jordyn all throwing great amanars, I think she is going to have to bring more to the table than vault to make the team. There are rumors that she is working hard to upgrade bars. I hope she can! McKayla would bring artistry, grace and those beautiful lines that international judges like to see. Lets hope she can bring those qualities on all her events to make the team!

Here are McKayla’s best routines from 2011.

Here is a fun montage of her from AshleyakaFlipper Montages.

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