What I Love About Kyla Ross

I love Kyla’s smile. Hunting through her pictures, it is a reoccurring theme – this broad beaming smile that just makes you smile back. You don’t see it as often in her competitions, where she is more focused and serious. Or in her interviews. But a picture speaks 1,000 words. I think Kyla’s personality is summed up through her smile.

I love Kyla’s attitude. “I am a contender.” She has said this many times in interviews.   Not arrogant  and assuming, but quietly confident. She knows what she can contribute to the team, and keeps plugging away, practice after practice, meet after meet to prove it.

I love that Kyla is still a teenager. She has had plenty of international experience, but not yet enough travel and media attention to mature her beyond her years. Kyla seems like a normal teenage girl. It helps us remember that these girls are still just that – girls.

Gymnastics wise, I love Kyla’s lightness. Every move she makes looks effortless, airy, like she tumbling or dancing through clouds. She is the Queen of Clean. She is dependable and it is easy to feel confident that she will deliver.

Good Luck Kyla! Thank you for your years of hard work and sacrifice to bring us your beautiful gymnastics. May the Olympics be more than you ever dreamed it would be!

What do you love about Kyla? Do share!

All Photos Credit NBC Olympics

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