Live Stream and TV Schedule

On NBC Prime Time

Men’s and Women’s Qualifications, Team Finals, All-Around Final and Event Finals will all be on NBC Prime Time. Tune in every evening starting with Men’s Qualifications on Saturday the 28th and each evening after through Thursday the 2nd for the Women’s All-Around Finals. Women’s events will be Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday.  Then we pick back up next Sunday the 5th-Tuesday the 7th for Event Finals.


This year NBC will be live streaming every Olympic competition on if you have a qualified cable subscription. It is VERY important to verify your sign in before things get started! Do that here.

Not only can you watch it live, you can choose which event stream to watch and catch every routine you want to see! For instance, follow the USA from event to event and never miss a routine. Or just watch beam. Of course, you can watch the main feed as well. Or you can do what I will probably do. Get all feeds going and channel hop.

USA Women


Event Finals

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