Women’s Qualification Competition Order

And it is almost time for qualifications to begin! In just a few short hours, all of our questions will begin to be answered. Each team has selected which gymnasts will compete on each apparatus and set the order they will compete in.

A few things of interest.

Romania: Larissa Iordache is set to compete in every event, allowing her to qualify for the all-around. Diana Chelaru is not, giving Romania only two chances to qualify.

Russia: Maria Paseka, who I didn’t think would be even competing on bars will be anchoring the Russian bars rotation. Usually you save the best for last. This seems to be a strange move. Also, Aliya Mustafina is set to go after Viktoria Komova on vault. This seems to suggest that she might indeed compete an amanar.

China: China seems to be building their rotations to give their all-arounders the highest scores possible. They are putting them up last, even on events with specialists who would likely score higher.

USA: USA builds from strong to strongest in every place except the lead off on beam. Kyla generally scores higher than Gabby Douglas, but Kyla is a more consistent beam worker, giving the USA the start they want on beam.

Here are the Start Lists!

In Subdivision 1 and 2 which livestreams at 4:20am EST you have:




In Subdivision 3 which livestreams at 9:30am EST you have:

Great Britain




In subdivision 4 livestreaming immediately following 3 you have




In Subdivision 5 which livestreams at 2:50 EST you have:




For the whole list go here:

Women’s Qualification – Olympic Gymnastics – Artistic | London 2012.

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