Kyla Ross Grabbed Her Destiny

Kyla Ross in Team Finals (Photo Credit: USA Gymnastics)

Kyla Ross enjoyed years of success as a junior all around competitor. But in these games, she come in as a team player. A table setter on beam and a middle routine on bars.

Kyla did have a chance to make it into the bars finals, but hit her feet on the low bar in qualifications. Currently sitting as a reserve, her last chance for Olympic glory lay in contributing to the team. Kyla literally grabbed ahold of her destiny as she swung her way to a great bars routine. Then she tumbled through her beam routine, securely showing herself to be the Queen of Clean of both events.

Kyla Ross in Olympic Team Finals (Photo Credit USA Gymnastics)

Kyla contributed key routines today during the team finals – a bars set that kept us ahead of the incredible Russians and a lead off beam routine that set the tone for a solid, no miss beam rotation. You would have never known that Kyla was a first year senior with the least amount of international experience. She came out today like a pro and walks away a gold medalist.

Kyla Ross in Team Finals (Photo Credit: USA Gymnastics)

Thank You Kyla for your incredible contribution and your years of hard work!

Kyla Ross with coach Jenny Zhang (Photo Credit USA Gymnastics)

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