Bridget Sloan starts her NCAA Career with a Bang.

From elite teammates to NCAA teammates, Bridget Sloan, left, and Mackenzie Caquatto of the U.S., right, share a laugh during the women’s qualifying session for the World Gymnastics Champions – from U.K Sports.

I’m not a NCAA fan. Really. Last year I tried hard to get into it. Apart from following some of my favorite former elites at UCLA, it just didn’t happen. But this year, I am pining away for gymnastics. So when I saw the NCAA meets for this weekend, I thought, I guess I will see how Bridget Sloan does tonight.

Hee hee, I am probably hooked. There are so many fun former elites to watch this year, I think I will end up watching many meets. Tonight started off Bridget’s NCAA career. She looks better than ever! Confident, poised, beautiful polish and awesome skills. She began the night with a 9.925 on vault and rounded it out with a 9.8 (and two small bobbles) on bars and beam. She also hinted that her new floor routine was better than anything she did as an elite. What a way to start! It is so wonderful to see her continue on!

Mackenzie Caquatto looked to be in better shape than ever. Seriously. Even in her elite career, I have never seen her look so physically fit, and so polished. She posted a 9.85 on bars and a 9.875 on beam. I can’t wait to see what she has to offer.

All in all, the Gators looked amazing. But I don’t care about that, right?! 🙂 Just in case you are like me, and you don’t care but want to see some of your favorite elites, you can check out the weekend schedule here:

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