P&G U.S. National Championship’s Vault Contenders

Alicia Sacramone 2012 Vault National Champion
Alicia Sacramone 2012 Vault National Champion (Getty Images)

To begin our analysis of the seniors most likely to make a splash at the P&G US National Championships, let’s take a look at our possible Vault Champions.

The Vault contenders are the easiest to look at. In order to compete in the vault event finals, a gymnast must show two vaults from different vault families. As only one vault is needed for all-around and the team competition, very few gymnasts train two separate vaults. Currently only three US Seniors are competing two vaults. McKayla is still a heavy favorite to win even at Worlds. But the one time Simone Biles competed her second vault this year, she was right behind her. MyKayla Skinner has the most difficulty of the three, but her execution leaves her lagging behind.

Below are the different scores the gymnasts have earned this year as well as videos of their vaults so you can decide for yourself.

McKayla Maroney (1st SC – 15.425)

Simone Biles (1st CofJ – 15.35)

Mykayla Skinner (2nd SC – 14.875)

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