P&G U.S. National Championships Uneven Bars Contenders

In this group of gymnasts, Kyla Ross will most likely run away with the Uneven Bars National Title. She is the only one with a high level of difficulty paired with excellent execution. Elizabeth Price, Simone Biles and Brenna Dowell all come in with enough difficulty to make the podium, their ability to execute well will definitely decide whether or not they make it. Peyton Ernst, Madison Kocian and Abigail Millet all swing bars with beauty, grace and excellent execution. Lexie Priess has a good mix between the two. Silver and Bronze are definitely up for grabs!

(Sc= Secret Classic, GRU= Germany, Russian USA Friendly meet, ATT= AT&T American Cup)

Kyla Ross (GRU 15.45; 1st SC – 15.4)

Elizabeth Price  (Glasglow 14.966)

Simone Biles  (1st ATT 14.8)

Peyton Ernst (2nd GRU – 14.7)

Madison Kocian (2nd SC 14.45)

Abigail Milliet (3rd SC – 14.4)

Lexie Priessman (4th T SC – 14.35)

Brenna Dowell – Lots of possibility.

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