P&G U.S. National Championship’s Floor Contenders

The National Floor Title is always such a toss up between difficulty and amplitude vs. artistry and execution. The gymnast that can combine it all is of course the one that will come out on top. Right now, my guess for that is Lexie Priessman. She has incredibly difficult tumbling, but she does it with incredible execution and interesting choreography to boot. If Simone hits all of her difficulty, she may challenge, but my guess is that Lexie will come out on top. Peyton, Maggie and McKayla will all challenge for the other spots, and it will come down to who is most “on” on competition day.

Simone Biles  (1st CofJ – 14.85)

Lexie Priessman (1st SC – 14.8)

Peyton Ernst (2nd SC – 14.5)

Maggie Nichols (3rd CoJ – 14.4)

McKayla Maroney (3rd SC – 14.35)

Brenna Dowell (4th SC – 14.3)

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