Routines You Don’t Want to Miss – Vault and Bars

With all the incredible coverage that USA Gymnastics has been providing, there is a lot of gymnastics to watch! Here are some routines that you won’t want to miss at the P&G National Championships.


McKayla Maroney. Nuff Said. And because it is not possible to watch this beautiful piece  of super human accomplishment too many times….

Simone Biles

Simone is gaining a reputation of having the second best vault in the world. She gets incredible power and height in her Amanar, and usually comes closer to sticking then McKayla. This one was in warm ups at the American Cup, and it was breathtaking. Even more amazing in person.

The others in the Amanar Club are Elizabeth Price, Lexie Priessman and McKayla Skinner.


Kyla Ross

Kyla continues to have fluid, beautiful bars. She has upgraded her routine, and if it is possible, she seems to be even cleaner than last year. It is a beautiful routine to watch!

Brenna Dowell

Brenna Dowell is doing some exciting release moves on bars. If she is able to put her whole routine together and clean up her execution, it will be a great routine!

Polina Shchennikova (Junior)

Polina comes in with a Difficulty score second only to Kyla’s. Her bars are reminiscent of Nastia with beautiful lines and incredible shoulder flexibility. However, her execution was heavily deducted at Classics, so hopefully she can clean it up for nationals.

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