Routines You Don’t Want to Miss – Beam

Norah Flatley (Junior)

Norah is a first year elite, but the gymnastics community has been waiting for her senior debut for years, predominantly because of her incredible beam work. Coached by Chow, many people think of her as a little Shawn Johnson. But the similarity is mostly in their training, form and work ethic. This is one of the top routines to watch!

Bailie Key (Junior)

Bailie brings beautiful presentation, a calm and confident flow and difficulty to her beam work. Another junior, she is one to watch!

Kyla Ross

Kylas beam always looks as if she is competing on clouds. Light, airy and yet incredibly solid, her exquisite work on beam is always wonderful to watch. She is supposed to be debuting new upgrades at nationals, so here’s hoping!

Peyton Ernst

Peyton has an elegance and grace that brings great beauty to her difficult beam routine.

Abigail Milliet

Abigail brings in lots of difficulty, with a beautiful and flowing style. She is beautiful to watch on beam.

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