Routines You Don’t Want to Miss – Floor

Hands down, you simply don’t want to miss floor. In the senior ranks, you will see some incredibly difficult tumbling from a number of gymnasts. In the juniors you will see so many girls who can REALLY perform. But here are a few to make sure you don’t miss.

Laurie Hernandez (Junior)

Without a doubt, this is THE routine of all routines that you just have to see. She brings a creative, fresh approach to choreography, dances her heart out, and does so great tumbling to boot.

Sydney Johnson-Schrapf (Junior)

This little girl can put on a show. She may just grow up to be on Broadway if gymnastics doesn’t pan out. Don’t miss her!

Lexie Priessman

Powerful tumbling, high energy and a more mature routine than we have seen Lexie do. In fact, it could make quite a good college routine. Except that it has some of the most difficult, high flying, excellently executed tumbling in the world!

Kyla Ross

Kyla has put in some major work on dance, and boy does it show. Her clean lines, long legs, and beautiful body shapes make watching her such a relaxing, enjoyable experience. And now that she is performing with spirit, musicality, and beautiful dance, her routine is a must see.

Simone Biles

Simone seriously has springs in her legs. The air time she catches is just awe inspiring. She has a fun, dancy routine, but the highlight is her sky-high, world class tumbling.

Nia Dennis (Junior)

Nia brings in interesting and unique choreography while performing incredibly difficult, powerful tumbling. Her routine is one of a kind.

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