Simone Biles Glitters in Gold

Simone Biles joins a growing rich history of US All Around World Champions. Bursting onto the world scene, she qualified first into the All Around Finals and into every event final. She went on today to dominate the All Around Finals, winning by almost a point.

Simone was a joy to watch on and off the events. She went through this competition with such an obvious joy for gymnastics, enjoyment of competing, and love and respect for her fellow competitors. Though she looked focused, she also seemed to just be doing what the gymnasts always say they want to do but never look like they are actually doing- going out and having fun.

Simone started the competition with her powerful amanar, the only one done in the competition. She wasn’t able to hit her catlike landing, but it was a awesome vault.

She moved on to bars, where she performed  a nice clean set and stuck her landing.

Simone managed to come into this rotation ahead of Kyla. But, I have to admit, Simone’s beam was a nail biter for me. She was a bit shakier than she has been… but she got through it fairly cleanly!

She came out of this rotation .016 behind Kyla, but headed into floor with a .7 advantage in difficulty. She had an awesome floor routine with two big hops on landings but a STUCK Biles on her second pass.

In the end, Simone won the All Around by .884. A decisive win in the sport of gymnastics. What was even more fun than watching her compete to win, was watching her win. What a sportswoman! I saw her reaction before I saw the score and for a moment though Kyla had won. She looked at Kyla and just looked so delighted with KYLA! On the medal podium, she was sure to include Aliya, and helped Aliya turn her medal around before pictures.

Today Simone Biles stepped into the shoes of a true champion. She made winning look easy and effortless. She enjoyed every minute of her victory and the victories of those around her. She was a sportswoman, a teammate, a friend and every bit a true champion. I have to admit, today Simone Biles won my heart.

all photos by John Cheng, All videos by USA Gymns

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