Laurie Hernandez Out with an Injury

Maggie and Laurie work on flexibility. Photo from Maggie’s Girls Facebook Page

One of our favorite smiling faces was missing from the recent National Team Training Camp pictures. According to Maggie’s Girls Facebook page, Laurie injured her wrist and will be out of the spring competition season.

Laurie slipped off the beam somewhere mid January and fractured her wrist. She will be in a cast for six weeks, so this will effectively keep her from being ready for any of the March international assignments. In the meantime, she is in the gym training hard to keep up her conditioning and flexibility. On the upside, they are using this time for beam upgrades!

We will look forward to seeing those upgrades, and wish Laurie a speedy recovery!

And since it is impossible for me to think about Laurie without wanting to see her floor routine…

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