Simone Biles Potentially Increases her Difficulty Potential by Eight Tenths

At the last National Team Training Camp, Simone Biles showed upgrades on all four events. When Simone won the 2013 World Championships, she already had a super high level of difficulty (25.00 compared to Kyla Ross who won the silver with a 23.9). Not one to rest on her laurels, Simone is taking it to another level this year.

The most exciting note is that it looks like she upgraded her second vault to a Cheng, which will give her a mega boost in vault finals (adding .9 to her start value) and adding .2 to her overall start value if she chooses to use it in the all around. She added a Shaposhnikova half on bars, adding .1 to her bars difficulty. On beam she showed a back handspring to two layout step out series, and connected her aerial cartwheel to a straddle jump giving her an additional .2 in difficulty.

On floor, Simone showed an additional full twist in her front layout in her 5/2 to front layout series and connected it to a straddle jump, giving her an additional .2. She also upgraded her double pike dismount to a piked full-in adding another .1. This will bring her floor difficulty up to a whopping 6.8 start value! Unreal! And gives her a potential all around .6-8. increase in start value depending of if she competes the Cheng in the all around. If Simone is able to pull that off, she will be hard to catch indeed. (Note, this is what I could get from looking at the code, but if you are better at it then I, please let me know!).

In Summary:

  • Vault:   Cheng, .2 in all around, .9 for vault finals
  • Bars:   Shaposh 1/2, .1
  • Beam: BHS-LOSO-LOSO, .1 CV Acrobatic C+C; Arial-straddle jump .1 CV D (salto) + A (dance)
  • Floor:  5/2 to 1/1 front, .1 CV Direct Acrobatic D+C, .1 C skill in place of B skill;  Pike full-in, .1 E skill in place of D skill

Check out her upgrades for yourself. What an impressive gymnast!

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