2014 Nastia Liukin Cup Results

The fifth annual Nastia Liukin Cup is in the books. The Nastia Liukin Cup is a great opportunity for up and coming gymnasts who are looking to go elite to compete on a podium in a televised setting. It is also a time for seniors looking to end their Junior Olympic career and head toward NCAA to shine.

The gymnasts qualify for the event through a series of qualifier meets held around the country. They get the chance to meet and hear from Nastia herself. And of course, the prestige of competing in the event.

The winners in the Junior Division were:

Tied for first with a 38.1:

Rachael Flam
               Lauren Ramirez
Stars Gymnastics             Gold Medal

Third Place with a 38.05:

Rachael Lukacs

North Stars

In the Senior Division

Tied for first with a 38.42:5

Mackenzie Brannan  McKenna Kelley
Capital Gymnastics      Stars Gymnastics

Third Place with a 38.275:

Kari Lee


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