Nastia Liukin Cup Top Event Score Routines

The Nastia Liukin Cup was a relatively clean meet this year with a lot of highlights. USA Gymnastics has posted every routine. Here is some guidance on the routines to watch. Let’s start with the top routines on each event. If you only have time to watch a few, my picks would be Rachael Lukacs’ vault and Anna Glen’s beam.


Senior – Kennedi Edney 9.875

Junior – Rachael Lukacs did the only Yurchenko double (and it was beautiful!) in the meet for a 9.875.


Senior – MacKenzie Brannen with a  9.7.

Junior – Rachael Flam with a 9.55


Senior – Anna Glen got a whopping 9.85 on BEAM!!! It was a beautiful routine.

Junior – Rachel Baumann and Makarri Doggette tied with a 9.6.


Senior – McKenna Kelly with a 9.675

Junior – Rachael Lukacs won with a 9.6.

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