Simone Biles Leaves Bannon’s Gymnastix

Simone Biles and Aimee Boorman on their way to practice. Photo from Triple Twist.

Simone Biles and her coach Aimee Boorman are leaving Bannon’s Gymnastix, where Simone has trained since she got her start in gymnastics at six years old. Ronald Biles, Simone’s father, released a statement issued through USA Gymnastics

“Simone got her start in gymnastics at Bannon’s Gymnastix, and what she has learned there is the foundation for her achievements in gymnastics,” Biles said. “We appreciate everything that Bannon’s has done for Simone. However, we believe for her future growth and development that this is the time for us to make a change. … We are in the process of finalizing where she will be training while she recovers from her shoulder injury.”

Though she will be leaving her teammates and her vault/bars coach, she will remain with her main traveling coach, Boorman, who she has been with her entire career. Boorman said in the statement “I have had the opportunity to work at Bannon’s for a number of years, and leaving was not an easy decision. We are finalizing our training plans at this time, and I look forward to continuing to coach Simone.”

A mild shoulder strain prevented Simone from competing in this weekend’s American Cup. The timing of her shoulder strain amongst the gym change led many to question whether or not Simone was actual injured or if she was pulled due to the turmoil. Aimee responded to those rumors on the Gym Truth Tellers blog.

Hi Everyone! This is Aimee, Simone’s coachIt is true, we are no longer going to be at Bannon’s. It is also true that Simone does have a minor shoulder strain that we are taking care of to protect her for meets that will be later in the season. We try to avoid gossip, but we know that it will still happen. Rest assured that Simone’s training will continue, even with the change of venue. If you remain still, you will never grow, but sometimes growth is painful. Thank you to everyone for your support as we make this transition!

Simone and the owner of Brannon’s both have not made any official comments. However, on Feb 20th, Simone tweeted:

stresssssed to the maxxx

One can only imagine the stress on a 16 year old to leave the only gym she has ever known and teammates who are like family.

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