Jesolo Podium Training – Seniors

Gymnastike has been on the scene and providing video coverage of podium training for the 2014 City of Jesolo Trophy. You can watch here with a Gymnastike gold subscription.

The first thing that strikes me about this group of senior gymnasts, is how many classically “beautiful” gymnasts are there. WIth some of our powerhouse champions taking a rest, there is room for some of our gymnasts who show flexibility, poise and graceful lines. It is a fun.

Kyla Ross looks like, Kyla Ross. Clean, beautiful and well prepared for this meet. It seems unlikely than anyone else will really challenge her for the top of the podium, there sure are a lot gymnasts giving it a try!

In podium training, I was most impressed with Madison Kocian. Her bars are as beautiful as ever, but she really looks great on every event. I absolutely love her new floor routine. She really looks ready to try for the all around tomorrow.

Peyton Ernst also looked great. She brings a beautiful new floor routine as well that really suites her. Maggie Nichols showed some EXCELLENT beam and bar work and just looks solid and ready to go.

MyKyla Skinner is doing her best to bring the most incredible, crazy difficulty to the table. She is competing two incredibly hard vaults (amanar and cheng) as well as some of the most difficult tumbling in the world. It will be interesting to see how she scores internationally.

Madison Desch, Alyssa Baumann and Rachel Gowey also all looked beautiful. Such graceful work on beam and floor, they really draw you into all they do.

Tomorrows competition will be an excellent opportunity to really see how these girls are stacking up against each other. They all look really ready for so early in the season. It is really exciting to see!

It is actually quite silly to make predictions at this point… but here I go.

  1. Kyla Ross
  2. Madision Kocian
  3. Maggie Nichols

The Italian Gymnastics Federation will be livestreaming the senior women’s all around and team competition on their youtube channel at 11 a.m. ET.

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