The Latest on Ari Agrapides

The large field of juniors at the Secret US Classics continues to get smaller as another star from 2013 is pulling out due to a minor injury. Last year’s Junior National Vault Champion Ari Agrapides will be missing the action this weekend as she rests from a minor foot injury. Coach Maggie Haney posted on Facebook earlier today, “Ari tapped her toe on the bar earlier this week, leaving an open cut & creating a small fracture in her toe. As a precaution, she is sitting out Classics & resting so she can be at her best for Championships!”

Agrapides took the junior ranks by storm last year with what is undeniably the best vaulting in the junior ranks. With a great deal of promise on all the events, and many years to go in her career (she just misses the age limit for the 2016 Olympics) the future is very bright. It will be great to see her seek to defend her vault title at the end of the month!

Pictures for MG Elite Facebook Page

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