The Latest with Lexie Priessman

The senior year that just never arrives has been postponed once again. Lexie Priessman has scratched the 2014 Secret US Classics due to an injury. A star during her junior years, Priessman was fully expected to be one of the top US seniors in 2013. However, an achilles injury during training at the US National Championships and then a somewhat unrelated surgery kept her out of competition for the year.

Recently Priessman left her lifelong coach Mary Lee Tracy and training partner Amelia Hundley to train at Precision Gymnastics, citing the need for a change. Between the injuries and coaching changes, fans anxiously awaited Priessman’s appearance at the 2014 Secret US Classics.

Priessman had a great podium training Friday morning. However, during a closed training session on Friday evening she was injured. The Gymternet reported that she injured herself on a beam dismount and was taken to the hospital. The extent and nature of the injury are not yet known. Update: According to a brief conversation with Tripletwist, Priessman tore a ligament that attaches to her fibula and has to have surgery.

Priessman tweeted:

Screen Shot 2014-08-02 at 1.26.49 AM

Here are some of her training highlights from podium training.





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