Three Members of the Fierce Five on Jesolo Nominative List

In the rhythm of the US women’s national team calendar, the City of Jesolo Trophy is the first big meet of the 2015 elite season for the majority of the national team. Each year, the team is chosen at a national team camp shortly before the competition. However, the US is required to turn in a nominative list before that, so it gives a preview of who is likely to get the call.

The nominative list has some exciting news. If all goes as planned, Gabrielle Douglas and Aly Raisman will make their first appearances since the 2012 Olympics in elite level competition.  In fact, this roster contains an all star cast. In addition to Douglas and Raisman, 2013 and 2014 World Champion Simone Biles is on the list as well as the third member of the Fierce Five and 2013/2014 World Championship team member Kyla Ross. Joining them are 2014 World Championship team gold medalists MyKayla Skinner, Alyssa Baumann and Madison Desch. Bailie Key, who made quite a splash as a junior, winning many domestic and international titles including the junior division of the Jesolo competition in 2013 and 2014, would be making her senior debut at this competition. Last but not least is Emily Schild, who made quite an impression at the Nastia Liukin Cup in 2013 as a junior and comes from the same gym as Ashton Locklear (2014 World Championship team member). The senior nominative list is:

Alexandra Raisman, Brestyan’s
Gabrielle Douglas, Buckeye
Mykayla Skinner, Desert Lights
Kyla Ross, Gym Max
Simone Biles, World Champions Gym
Emily Schild, Everest Gymnastics
Alyssa Baumann, WOGA
Bailie Key, Texas Dreams
Madison Desch, GAGE
One of the exciting aspects of the City of Jesolo Trophy is that there is also an opportunity for many talented juniors to get international experience. Just one year away from the Olympics, it is as important for many of the juniors who will turn senior next year to make a good impression as the seniors. The top juniors in the running are all on the nominative list. Of the following list, only Jordan Chiles and Victoria Nguyen are not age eligible for the 2016 Olympics.
Norah Flatley, Chow’s Gymnastics
Jazmyn Foberg, MG Elite
Lauren Hernandez, MG Elite
Olivia Trautman, Twin City Twisters
Victoria Nguyen, Chow’s Gymnastics
Jordan Chiles, Naydenov

5 thoughts on “Three Members of the Fierce Five on Jesolo Nominative List

  1. Why do they send so many girls to Jesolo? I mean, I know it’s a good meet for younger girls to get some experience, but does everybody compete AA?

    1. Each country that sends a team is expected to send a “complete” team. And so the USA sends a complete Junior and Senior team. It is a great opportunity for each of them to gain international experience, as well as see how they “stack up” against each other under international judges. And of course, from Marta Karoyli’s perspective, it is most important to send as strong of a team as possible.

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