AT&T American Cup Live

Live Blog of the 2015 AT&T American Cup Women


  • Vanessa Ferrari – Yurechenko  11/2 14.133Elsabeth Black -Tsuk 1 1/2 layout–Stuck 14.566
  • Jessica Lopez – Clean Yurchenko 2/2 15.000
  • Emily Little – Powerful DTY, slight hop on landing. 14.766
  • Natsumi Sasada – Clean Yur 1/1, landed came off the table to the side, landed fart to the left, but still between the lines. 13.833
  • Erika Fasana – DTY, somewhat low but clean. 14.533
  • Claudia Fragapane – DTY, slightly offline with a small hop on the landing. 14.633
  • Simone Biles – Amanar – one of the best Amanars she has performed in competition for a 16.033
  • MyKayla Skinner – In a surprise twist does her DTY instead of a full. Slightly piked down and big hop on landing but powerful. 15.100
Results after Rotation 1
1.Simone Biles 16.033
2MyKayla Skinner 15.100
3Jessica Lopez 15.000


  • Jessica Lopez – Beautiful bars set chocked full of releases. piked tkatchev to pac, shaposh, tkatchev to geinger, double front dismount. 14.933
  • Emily Little – Shaposh, bail, hecht, really struggles on a cast handstand but muscles it up, double layout with a hop. 13.166
  • Natsumi Sasada- 13.500
  • Erika Fasana- 13.900
  • Claudia Fragapane – piked tkatchev, off on Church, pak, full-piroutte, beautiful double layout dismount. 12.633
  • Simone Biles – Weiler, shaposh, ,tkatchev, piked tkatchev to pak, full twisting double dismount to stick. 15.200
  • MyKayla Skinner – Shaposh to pac, toe shaposh half, Ray, full in stuck. Much improved, still form issues. 14.266
  • Vanessa Ferrari  – lots of good pirouetting on highbar, straddle jeager, full in with small hop.13.966
  • Elsabeth Black- clear hip, off on pike Tkatchev, straddle Jaeger to pak, toe on front lay half dismount 13.000
Results after Rotation 2
1.Simone Biles 31.233
2. Jessica Lopez 29.933
3. MyKayla Skinner 29.366


  • Natsumi Sasada –  Beautiful roundoff layout, front tuck, ariel, switch ring, slight bobble, full turn, front arield, sheep jump, bobbles but recoers, switch leap, switch leap, roundoff double pike dismount. Has nice clean lines throughout the routine, some bobbles break the flow. 14.200
  • Erika Fasana- back handspring stepout layout, switch to back tuck, beautiful turn combo, full turn y turn, split half, side arial, front aerial, Roundoff double pike. Nice flow and sharp dance throughout. 13.800Claudia Fragapane – 13.500
  • Simone Biles – 2 1/2 wolf, front arial, slpit leap, slight bobble on connection, backhandspring layout step out layout stepout, front arial, switchsplit, swiich half with a bobble back pike, front tuck, Full in dismount. Calm cool and collected through the routine, moved a little slower than usual. Holding her back as she walked off. 15.066
  • MyKayla Skinner –  backhandspring tuck full with a big save, switch half, front tuck, switch leap back pike, side aerial, full turn combo nicely done (1/1 leg horizontal, 1/1), roundoff double back dismount. Overall leaps looked more split, toes more pointed throughout, clean turns. 13.533
  • Vanessa Ferrari – roundoff back layout with a big bobble, split leap, split ring, front aerial sheep jump, switch half, full turn, switch ring, pretty far from her head though, roundoff double pike, small hop. Pretty work in and out of her skills, nice flow throughout.
  • Elsabeth Black – double turn big bobble but saves it, front pike, backhandrping stepout layout to two feet, lots of pretty work in between, backhandspring stepout  tuck full, big bobble, switch leap switch half, front tuck, bobble, roundoff 21/2 twist dismount. Some great work but lots of big bobbles14.266
  • Jessica Lopez – switch split, backhandspring stepout backhandspring layout, falls off, jump series, switch side leap, front aerial sheep jump, aerial split leap, pretty combo!, side aerial, roundoff back hand spring double twist dismount. Beautiful routine though. 13.166
  • Emily Little – front tuck, wolf turn, front aerial, spilt jump, backhandspring stepout layout step out, switch split switch side, roundoff 2 1/2 twist with a big hop. 13.633
Results after Rotation 3
1.Simone Biles 46.299
2. Jessica Lopez 43.099
3. MyKayla Skinner 42.899


  • Elsabeth Black Dramatic music and flare to match, 2.5 through to double back, front double full,  front full 1/2 through to double pike. good landings. 14.300
  • Natsumi Sasada – 1 1/2 to front, falls back and hands down, double tuck, dbl full, dbl pike 12.200
  • Emily Little –  Piked full in stuck, full in, switch split switch side, full 1/2 steppout through to double full, wolf 11/2double turn, pike to end. Clean lines, great form on all her tumbling.13.700
  • Claudia Fragapane – double layout full almost falls but pulls it up, double arabian, falls, her famous breakdancing, triple twist, double layout to end, puts her hands down. Such a hard routine, just could not pull it out today. 11.766
  • Vanessa Ferrari – double layout lands oob, full in, double tuck, switch ring, switch full, switch ring full,  double pike to end. Beautiful choreography in this routine. 13.766
  • Jessica Lopez – triple twist, double pike, switch ring switch full, pretty choreography work, double twist, falls out of triple turn, two and a half twist to end. 13.266
  • Erika Fasana – double layout small hop, full in, double Y turn, double pike stuck, nicely done routine. 14.400
  • Simone Biles –  New pass to open full twisting double layout, the Biles to spilt leap, beautifully done, wolf turn 2/2, switch split switch full, double double, ends with a strong full in, hops. She is electric on floor! 16.000!!!
  • MyKayla Skinner – Double twisting double layout (Moors), double double, wolf turn, 1 1/2 through to 21/2, full in to end. Her jumps and leaps are still improving but not quite 180. 14.933
Screen Shot 2015-03-07 at 3.03.13 PM

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