Favorite Blogs

  • The Gymnastics Examiner – A great news site, always up to date on the latest news and behind the scenes interviews. The best Quick Hits around. I follow them even when I am watching a meet!
  • Gymnastike – The one stop shop for gymnastics performance videos and athlete interview videos.
  • The Couch Gymnast – Up to date news and chalked full of fun opinions. Also has writers from different countries so you get lots of different gymnastics!
  • NBCOlympics – NBC is up on the latest news and has lots of great athlete interviews. 
  • International Gymnast online – International Gymnastics Magazine’s website.
  • The All Around Gymnastics News – Full of results, score calculations and all the facts behind the competitions.
  • Double Front – A great site for news and gymnastics opinions.
  • Triple Twist Gym Blog – Full of gymnastics news and athlete interviews. 
  • Full Twist – Always up to date with gymnastics news and opinions.
  • Chalk It Up – A great blog focused on news and opinions on US Women’s Artisitc Gymnastics
  • Get A Grip Gymblog – A blog focused on news and opinions of Women’s Artistic Gymnastics.
  • The Balance Blog – A fun and quirky video blog with the best British Accents.

Additional Links: The Couch Gymnast has a full page of Gym Blogs with descriptions. Rather than try to reproduce it, I will just send you to it!

One thought on “Favorite Blogs

  1. hello there,
    a blog that i really like that i hope you add to this list is gottaluvgymnastics. this blog is fun to read and is great to catch up with in the gymternet. it is fun to read.
    thanks in advance,
    samantha jones

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