Pacific Rims and Jeslo Teams Released

© John Cheng

With the City of Jeslo meet coming just two weeks after the Pacific Rim Championships, I was wondering if the USA would send any of their top athletes to the Pacific Rims. I assumed they would not send Jordyn, Aly or Gabby to three meets in a row with only 1 weekend off in between each meet. On one hand, the Pacific Rims is in the US this year. How can you not send top US athletes to a packed arena of US fans? On the other hand, the tough competition will be in Jeslo. Do you want to match up Russia’s best with USA’s best before the Olympics? Do you want to let the Jeslo title go to Russia? And more importantly, what meets prepare the US gymnasts best?

The USA women’s team going to the Pacific Rims was released today. Check out the full press release. The gymnasts are:

SENIORS: Jordyn Wieber, Gabrielle Douglas and Kyla Ross.
JUNIORS: Katelyn Ohashi, Lexie Priessman and Amelia Hundley

As a ticket holder, I am super excited by the line up. I didn’t expect Shawn, Nastia, Chelsie or Alicia to be ready yet, so this is a line up I really want to see! The format for the team competition is 5 up 4 count with any mix of Juniors and Seniors. I am also really excited to see Katelyn!

The Jeslo team announcement was made shortly after. Check out the press release. Here are the gymnasts:

SENIORS: Aly Raisman, Rebecca Bross, McKayla Maroney, Kyla Ross, MyKayla Skinner, Sarah Finnegan, Brianna Brown, Brenna Dowell, Elizabeth Price
JUNIORS: Katelyn Ohashi, Lexie Priessman, Amelia Hundley, Madison Desch and Bailey Key.

I am super excited to finally see Rebecca back in action! I am so hoping she will be back to her former self. But there are many names I am really surprised to NOT see on either list. Sabrina Vega, Bridget Sloan, Bridgette Caquatto, Mackenzie Caquatto and Anna Li.

The Pacific Rims will definitely be the meet with more media presence and pressure. Giving Gabby and Kyla more exposure to that and seeing how they hold up under it is definitely a wise move. And you have to give American fans their world champion. So I think the Pan Ams line up makes a lot of sense. As for Jeslo, who knows if Aliya will even be competing all around. Waiting til the actual Olympics for the showdown might be the best idea. And maybe Rebecca is ready to put on the pressure again! Though I am surprised by who they are not sending, in terms of the “bigger” names of who they are sending, I think that it is a good move.

3 big meets in a row! It’s definitely an Olympic year and I am a happy girl!