Most Memorable Moments from the Gymternet

In honor of NBC re-airing the All Around and Team finals, I will kick off a Most Memorable Moments series.
To kick off my series  I asked the Gymnastics Twitter-verse for their Most Memorable Moments immediately following the last event finals at the Olympics. Here were your responses.
Most popular, Gabby, Aliya and Team USA of course!
DoubleDoubleGym: “Gabby!!”
pvanswim: “Girls standing together at TF, Musty holding Vika during the AA, Canada finishing 5th!”
ArabianPF_blog: “Maroney’s TF VT, Aliya’s UB gold, Aly’s FX gold, and DLL on beam. We ignore DLL but she’s a comeback queen too!”
ForeverGymBlog: “The Team Final gold medal win!!”💜
DreCabrillos: “Team final!! and McKayla’s vault and Aly’s floor (that she just did!).”
CSaccullo: “And of course Breezy’s journey ending with the greatest prize the sport has to offer!”
sbregman87: “For me, it’s the show USA put on in team final. Close second: Douglas rocking beam in AA.”
TripleTwistBlog: “Team final, without question!”
pravda101: “Mustafina in general. Great to see her do well after her injury. Also Komova. She had her moments. Oh and seeing Catalina back.”
CSaccullo: “Musty making her presence felt and always making it on the podium in whatever she competed in”

“The US women winning gold. So nice to see this group live up to their potential!” –

Most Memorable Moments: Podium Training

The USA girls began their reign before the competition even began. As in 2011, their dominant performance in podium training foreshadowed an incredible performance in the rest of the Olympics. Some of my favorite moments were of course, a dominant performance on vault and Aly’s bars. I think Aly did the best bar routine I have ever seen from her that day. Pointed toes, feet together – it was awesome!

And apart from Kyla’s uncharacteristic fall on beam, these girls hit every single thing they did on the floor. This is not only incredible, it is intimidating. They sent the message loud and clear that just as in 2011, they came to compete consistently and fiercely.