What I Love About McKayla Maroney

I love how McKayla loves the people in her life. McKayla’s Instagram is filled with pictures of her loving on her family and her friends. She is affectionate in word and deed, and you can see her genuine delight in and love for her friends and her family. She is the first to say, “We are all best friends” or “I can’t wait to go to camp to see my best friends.”

I love how loyal McKayla is. She is a loyal friend a loyal sister. I think she was as excited that she made the Olympic team with her best friends and her longtime friend and teammate Kyla Ross as that she made the team at all.

I love McKayla’s pride. Pride is often thought of in a negative light, but McKayla is the positive definition of it: a feeling of honor and self-respect; a sense of personal worth; satisfaction or pleasure taken in one’s own or another’s success and achievements. McKayla IS without a doubt one of the best female vaulters of all time. She is confident of this and carries herself with pride in her hard work, her natural talents and her achievements. It is refreshing to see.

I love McKayla’s beauty. I have written a whole post on this before, but seriously, the girl doesn’t take a bad picture. How can you not love this face!

I love McKayla’s combination of beauty and power in her gymnastics. Watching her vault is like watching a piece of art in motion. Her new floor routine is captivating. I hope we have many years to come of falling more in love with McKayla.

All Photos from NBCOlympics.com.