Taking it all in

What a week this has been! As I think back over this week, here are some of my highlights. Photos by John Cheng from USA Gymnastics Facebook page.

The USA consistency.

Via Larry Nassar on Facebook

I can’t ever remember a team performing and not falling on any routine through the whole competition. These girls HIT every prelim routine, every team routine and every event final routine. Though you can’t quite call Jordyn and Aly’s bar routines hit during the AA, they did stay on. And they hit all the other events. That is just amazing to me! What an unusual feeling to have girls going up and not wondering at all if they were going to fall. It took all the nervousness out of watching!

The USA’s team bond.  When you put a group of young girls together like this, who have to fight their way to the top and earn every single opportunity – you can either end up with a highly intense rivalry or an incredible bond. These girls chose the incredbile bond. When you add the adversities they experienced and the fact that they were all newbies, the bond just becomes stronger. Everything about them was focused on their team and their teammates. The chemistry between these girls was incredibly special to watch. Though I don’t know that this team will ever be together again- I certainly don’t think this will be the team for next year- this is probably my favorite team ever comprised. I enjoyed watching their interactions almost as much as their gymnastics. I am certain they will be lifelong friends.

Jordyn and Aly’s all around drama. It certainly wasn’t quite the all around I expected to see. Though Jordyn was absolutely incredible throughout Worlds, I think that her Visa Cup performance was her peak this year. I expected her to be just as perfect at Worlds AA Finals. She wasn’t, but she was still great. And Aly has been so consistent, I really didnt expect that kind of error from her. But it IS bars. And they both came through it. They were so tough. I think the moment I will remember is Jordyn’s tears when she saw she won.

Ksenia AfanasyevaBeam and Floor Finals. They saved the best for last! What an incredible competition. It was delightful to see the Chinese hit their routines so well. They were incredible! Beam was full of beautiful, hit routines. And floor was the best finals I remember seeing ever! Everyone hit! Even though I really wanted Aly to win, I have to admit that Kesenia’s floor routine is one of my all time favorites. I am so happy to see it done so well!

The Online Community. All and all, this has been a wonderful world championships. But my very favorite part has been the online community I had this year to watch it with. Though I sat alone in my house at CRAZY hours watching each competition, I never felt alone. Thanks to gymnastike, thegymnasticsexaminer, fulltwist, thecouchgymnast, USAGymnastics, Theallaround, and the tweets of so many others, I enjoyed gymnastics community for the first time in years.

US Women’s Team interviews after Prelims


Watch more video of World Gymnastics Championships Tokyo 2011 on gymnastike.org


Watch more video of World Gymnastics Championships Tokyo 2011 on gymnastike.org


Watch more video of World Gymnastics Championships Tokyo 2011 on gymnastike.org


Watch more video of World Gymnastics Championships Tokyo 2011 on gymnastike.org


Watch more video of World Gymnastics Championships Tokyo 2011 on gymnastike.org


Watch more video of World Gymnastics Championships Tokyo 2011 on gymnastike.org


Watch more video of World Gymnastics Championships Tokyo 2011 on gymnastike.org

A look at the top 6 AA Qualifiers’ routines in WAG Prelims for the World Championships.

Here is a youtube playlist showing each of the top 6 AA qualifiers in olympic order. Thanks to Mrsangeandbella and piibunia for all the video uploads!

1.Victoria Komova (RUS) 60.157
2.Jordyn Wieber (USA) 60.032
3.Yao Jinnan (CHN) 59.031
4.Alexandra Raisman (USA) 58.432
5.Ksenia Afanasyeva (RUS) 56.941
6.Huang Qiushuang (CHN) 56.932

Team USA Women’s Prelims Videos and Scores

“Watching” Prelims through twitter and blog updates was quite a different view of a competition! I think it made me way more nervous! But the young rookie team did well. Thanks to Mrsangeandbella and piibunia for all the video uploads! Here they are in the order of competition.  You can watch each individually below followed by scores and placings or just check out this playlist.

USA Womens Prelims Playlist


McKayla Maroney


Sabrina Vega


Aly Raisman

14.933/6.3 6th Place, Qualified for Event Finals

Jordyn Wieber

15.233/6.2 3rd Place, Qualified for Event Finals

Gabby Douglas



Gabby Douglas


Sabrina Vega


Jordyn Wieber

14.566/6.0 3rd Place, Qualified for Event Finals

McKayla Maroney


Aly Raisman

 14.833/6.2 1st Place, Qualified for Event Finals


Sabrina Vega


Gabby Douglas


Aly Raisman


Jordyn Wieber


McKayla Maroney

5.533/6.5 Vault 1; Vault 2 14.639

 Average: 15.083 1st Place, Qualified for Event Finals


Aly Raisman


McKayla Maroney


Sabrina Vega

Good Geinger. Makes piked Tkcatchev, excellent! Tkatchev. Dismount is full in with just a small hop. Someone up in the gallery, maybe Martha, is just screaming her lungs out for the girls as they perform. 


Jordyn Wieber

14.8/6.3 7th Place, Qualified for Event Finals

Gabby Douglas

14.866/6.4 6th Place, Qualified for Event Finals


All five of our girls finished in the top 12! What an amazing feat! Jordyn is just over .1 out of first. Aly qualified in 4th.

1 KOMOVA Victoria  RUS 60.15714.53315.73315.40014.491 

WIEBER JordynUSA60.03215.43314.80015.23314.566 

3 YAO JinnanCHN59.03114.86614.56615.06614.533

 4 RAISMAN A. USA 58.432   

5 DOUGLAS G.USA 57.657  

9 VEGA Sabrina USA 56.665   

 12 MARONEY M. USA 56.332

USA Finished 1st in the team qualifying scores.

1.USA 234.253
2.Russia 231.062
3.China 230.370
4.Romania 227.228
5.Japan 223.543
6.Australia 221.846
7.Germany 221.163
8.Great Britain 220.553

Anna Li out, Sabrina Vega in. Now who is up for what event?

USA Gymnastics and Universal Sports reported that Anna Li will be the alternate on the World Team. She had been fighting and abdomen injury throughout the training camp, and though she tried resting it on the first day of training in Tokyo, it just wasn’t responding. This makes me wonder how his will affect who will be used for what events.


Watch more video of World Gymnastics Championships Tokyo 2011 on gymnastike.org

Sabrina Vega is definitely more consistent and a higher scorer on beam and floor than Gabrielle Douglas. It would seem to make more sense to use Sabrina on these events. (Though she did fall yesterday during her routine in podium training). Does this mean Gabby won’t be able to compete in the all around during prelims as it was looking like she would? Some were even speculating that she might grab that second spot in the all around finals if she hit everything. I am a bit sad that she might not have the chance, but know that when it comes to team line ups, we can’t be sentimental. 

And will Sabrina compete bars in TEAM FINALS?!? She has a higher start value (5.9) than McKayla (5.4) or Aly (5.4-5.7), but scored very low at championships. Her podium training is looking good, but what a crazy thought! Right now, I am wishing Shawn was there. She seems a better replacement for bars… 

That being said, even with Li out and Vega in, numerically calculating any which way (averages of this years scores, high scores, low scores) the US is still the team to beat.  And they look it during podium training. Even Sabrina on bars.


Watch more video of World Gymnastics Championships Tokyo 2011 on gymnastike.org

Gymnastike is doing an AMAZING job of giving of video coverage of the training out in Tokyo. Yea! I was getting a bit obsessive rewatching the same past championships as I anxiously awaited the 2011 World Championships to start. Thanks to the faithful bloggers who are on the scene, I almost feel like I am there!

Gymnastike Videos for Training Day 1 at the World Gymnastics Championships Tokyo 2011

Analysis of Start Values and possible scores of the US World Team

Wondering how the world team lines up in terms of Difficulty  scores? Here is an analysis of all the girls start values, scores from nationals and how it stacks up against last years worlds. This is assuming Sabrina is the alternate. You have to take into consideration that International scores tend to be lower. But this is encouraging!


  • McKayla Maroney: 6.5; Scored at 16 at Nationals
  • Jordyn Weiber: 6.5; Scored at 15.95 at Nationals
  • Alicia Sacramone: 6.3; Scored a 15.8 at Nationals
  • Aly Raisman: 5.8 but has the potential to be 6.5; Scored a 15.1 at Nationals. Interestingly enough, she scored a 15.1 when she did the amanar at Classics, but it was a hot mess.
  • Gabrielle Douglas: 5.8; Scored a 14.75 at Nationals
  • Sabrina Vega: 5.8; Scored a 14.35 at Nationals
  • Anna Li- Doesn’t Vault

Finals Score based on our top 3 scores: 47.752010 Russia Finals: 45.76    2010 US Finals: 45.66     2010 China Finals: 44.66


  • Jordyn Weiber: 6.5; Scored at 15.2 at Nationals
  • Anna Li- Rumors are that she has raised her start value to a 6.7 or 6.8. 6.5 at Nationals. Scored a 15.050 on her hit routine.
  • Gabrielle Douglas: 6.4; Scored a 14.9 at Nationals
  • McKayla Maroney: 5.4; Scored at 14.1 at Nationals
  • Aly Raisman: 5.7 ; Scored a 13.95 at Nationals.
  • Sabrina Vega: 5.9; Scored a 13.8 at Nationals 
  • Alicia Sacramone: Doesn’t Do Bars.

Finals Score based on our top 3 scores: 45.152010 Russia Finals: 41.89


  • Jordyn Weiber: 6.1; Scored at 15.3 at Nationals
  • Alicia Sacramone: 6.0; 14.9 (scored 15.2 in prelims) at Nationals
  • Aly Raisman: 6.3 ; Scored a 14.7 at Nationals (ok, that was in prelims, but seriously… you cant count her uncharacteristic mess on beam after Rebecca’s injury).
  • McKayla Maroney: 5.7; Scored at 14.25 at Nationals
  • Sabrina Vega: 5.8; Scored a 14.15 at Nationals
  • Anna Li- 5.3;  Scored a 12.8 at Nationals.
  • Gabrielle Douglas: 6.2; Scored a 13.1 at Nationals

Finals Score based on our top 3 scores: 44.92010 Russia Finals: 43.733       2010 US Finals: 43.799

  • Jordyn Weiber: 6.0; Scored at 15.0 at Nationals
  • Alicia Sacramone: 5.7; 14.55 at Nationals
  • Aly Raisman: 6.1 ; Scored a 14.35 (scored a14.8 in prelims) at Nationals.
  • Sabrina Vega: 5.7; Scored a 14.5 at Nationals
  • McKayla Maroney: 6.1; Scored at 14.5 at Nationals
  • Gabrielle Douglas: 5.9; Scored a 14.15 at Nationals
  • Anna Li- Doesn’t do Floor

Finals Score based on our top 3 scores: 43.92010 Russia Finals: 43.999    2010 US Finals: 41.666       2010 China Finals: 43.233

Team Score:

2011 Visa Championships Scores US totals: 181.702010 Russia Finals: 175.397       2010 US Finals: 175.196            2010 China Finals:  174.78

And so it begins

Gymnastics has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. I was a gymnast until I was 15 and then turned coach. I loved coaching gymnastics far more than I loved doing it myself. I left the world of gymnastics for my other passion- helping students and faculty discover a relationship with Christ. But I think after 10 years I still miss gymnastics as much as the day I walked out the door. Facebook has allowed me to stay connected to my former gymnasts… watching them grow up is such a joy. The internet lets me obsessively view start values, look at team line ups, and stay connected to elite gymnastics.

I dont have many people in my life currently who love gymnastics. I get to sit and listen for hours about football. So when I was waiting for the World Team announcement this last week, reading so many blogs and tweeting with others who love gymnastics was so refreshing. So I  decided to jump in to the conversation by starting my own blog. I have never wanted to blog… so we will see where this takes me!