American Cup Field – Victoria Moors

Visa International Gymnastics 2012: MOORS Victoria/CAN

Victoria Moors is one of those rare gymnasts who combines extreme athleticism with poise, grace and beauty. She is a seventeen year old from Canada. She started her senior gymnastics career by representing Canada at the Olympics. Victoria is a wonderful all around gymnast and in fact is the highest placing female in the all around in Canada’s history. But Victoria  is truly celebrated for her work on floor.

She has incredible musicality and performance qualities. She fills in all the gray areas, dancing with subtlety and complexity. She draws you into her music, into her entire performance. Of all the wonderful gymnastics I have seen over the last few years in person, Victoria’s floor routine at the Pacific Rims in 2013 definitely stands out as one of my very favorite pieces of gymnastics.

At the same time she is dancing her way to your heart, Victoria is doing some of the most difficult tumbling in the world. In fact, one of the most difficult floor tumbling elements in women’s gymnastics – a double twisting double layout is now named after her. Victoria had this skill named after her at the 2013 World Championships. Here she does the same floor routine (even better in my opinion) with her new skill.

On top of this, she is just one of those personalities that just shines out on the floor. She is a delight to watch compete. And I CANNOT wait to see her double twisting double layout in person!!!



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